About us


PYGMALION DOLLS first opened in June of 2015.

We are a small artist owned and operated shop specializing in realistic, beautiful 30cm and 71cm boys.

We put beauty and aesthetics at our utmost priority and strive to create dolls you can fall in love with again and again.

Origin / Artist Message

Pygmalion fell in love with the beautiful statue he created. Many will remember the legend of how Aphrodite understood Pygmalion’s sincerity and granted life to the statue Galatea.
Most, if not everyone who create would have some sort of love and affection towards their creation just like Pygmalion.
However, I believe it shouldn’t end there; I believe my creations are granted new life from their owners.
I consider you (the owner) to be another Pygmalion as well as Aphrodite to my creations.

While studying sculpture in college, I found great interest and fascination in realistic representation of the human body.
I opened Pygmalion Dolls in hopes of creating something that you can give life to.

Thank you, always,
Sincerely, PYGMALION