IYH 30Mathew Full Body Basic

This head is not have concept images yet, so the 5% discount is applied untile the images are ready. Discounts may be terminated without notice.

Full body(head+body), Scalp cap, Default box, Certificate, Extra hook.
(Does not apply to otherwise displayed wigs(hair), makeup, clothes, accessories, etc.)
Although we basically match a scalp cap with the skin color, there is still a subtle color difference because the property of a human body and that of a scalp cap are different.



Body, Head : Urethane(Resin)

Scalp cap : Soft Urethane

Detail size


Height(Including head) 30

Neck circumference 5.5

Head circumference 9
Shoulder width 7.5(including arms) / 6(excluding arms)

Arm length 9 (excluding hands)
Arm circumference 5

Wrist circumference 2.5

Chest circumference 14.5

Waist circumference 11.5

Girth circumference 13.8

Thigh circumference 9

Calf circumference 6

Ankle circumference 3.7

Foot length 4

There may be slight differences depending on measurement position.

Detail Images

*As these are photos that have been corrected, for the actual skin color please check the ‘Skin color guide’ bulletin board post. 

*This is not for children.

Between beauty and durability, I was more concerned about beauty when I manufactured.

Part of the dolls may seem thin. But if you do not apply big impacts, it can't be broken.

Please make sure to read the INFO&FAQ board before ordering. It is difficult for us to provide assistance with issues that occur due to a lack of acquaintance with the precautions.