Temporary Summer Production / Sales Hiatus

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Date 17.06.21 01:03:06

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Hello, this is Pygmalion from Pygmalion Dolls.


As some of you may know, South Korea’s summer is very humid and hot.

With the monsoon season / hurricane season coming up, this all negatively affects the production of dolls.


We do our best to keep resin in a closed container and set our workspace temperature to the

lowest possible before working but it seems like we cannot completely control our environment.


With global warming affecting temperatures, we have been experiencing hotter temperatures even

in early June and thus have been getting greater amounts of defective products.

We’re afraid that when summer actually hits us, there will be even more defective products –

so much so that we won’t be able to effectively produce.


Earlier, we have notified some of you that if there aren’t any problems in production, we would be able to

open another ordering period after shipping out all the current orders.

However, since we are experiencing unexpectedly large amounts of defective products,

we have made the difficult decision to take a break in production until the weather becomes cooler.


We are taking orders for heads until June 21st 23:59 (South Korean Time GMT/UTC + 9h) and

those orders will be shipped out according to our usual schedule.


While we are taking a break in accepting new orders, we will continue working on developing

new heads / models and working on producing / selling eyes.


We sincerely apologize to all of you who have been waiting for the new ordering period to open.

We promise to return as soon as the weather permits with a new face.


Thank you so much for your support and we ask for your kind understanding.



To add: Since we cannot predict how the weather would behave and due to various schedule changes,

please be aware that we cannot accurately estimate when the hiatus will end and we will restart production.

We will do our best to resume as soon as possible and would greatly appreciate your understanding on this matter.



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