Please Buy Our Dolls ONLY at Officially Recognized Retailers

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Hello, this is Pygmalion Dolls.

We are living every day in gratitude with all your attention and support.

However, in a world full of illegal recasts, we at Pygmalion Dolls have always had that worry in the back of our minds.

In a more personal note, I started Pygmalion Dolls in June of 2015.

I started with nothing – I had to rent out available studio spaces and did everything from production, operation, to fabrication and everything in between.

Even though the work environment was lacking and less than optimal, I pushed through without much thought since I had a lot of fans supporting me and encouraging me.

Pygmalion Doll’s Ha, Allen, Robin, Kyle, Lavier, Han and Chen all was created in these circumstances.

Not only just me, other companies and artists probably poured their all into creating dolls.

Illegal recasts undermine, steps on, and tarnishes all the time, blood, sweat and tears all of us poured into our creations.

These criminals are making money off someone else’s hard work and effort.

From the start of Pygmalion Dolls until just 2 months ago, I’ve been doing all the work by myself.

Recently, I’ve hired a part time helper after realizing it was impossible to do everything on my own. 

Now Pygmalion Dolls consists of 2 hard working members that manufacture, produce and operate the whole ‘company’.

When illegal recasters continue profiting off our work, we will not see any profit. In such a small company as ours, this has a larger effect.

If the vicious cycle of our creations being recasted and sold continues,

we will continue to face setbacks after setbacks that will result in discontinuing sales in current dolls, canceling releases of newer dolls and eventually, us closing.

Buying illegal recasts also exposes you to health risks (since we do not know what materials these people are using in unregulated work spaces) and risks of losing money as it is more likely you will receive defective dolls or face destruction of dolls by custom agents.


At the end, the damage also goes to you, our loving fans.


We hope and trust that our true fans will only buy dolls from our official site or our official dealers.

We ask that you help redirect others who may not be choosing the right path.

Illegal recasting is an immoral act that goes beyond just stealing, and with your help we hope to stop this evil.

If the doll community stops the demand of recast dolls, the supply will dry out.


The following are the Official Pygmalion Dolls websites and sales site: (ENG) (KOR)


The following are our Official Dealers:

UK : Frost Bitten

CN : 大果子BJD 


You can meet the lovely Boys of Pygmalion Dolls ONLY at the above-mentioned places.


Again, we encourage you to buy our dolls ONLY at officially recognized retailers.

Thank you for your undying support and cooperation.


May 2017,


Pygmalion Dolls Artist and Representative, Jisu Lee





There are a few ways to ensure the authenticity of Pygmalion Dolls.

1. Inscriptions within the head or a red wax seal with Pygmalion Dolls’ logo.

2. Certificate of authenticity – it is easiest to confirm authenticity by requesting order history using the certificate.

3. From orders placed on April of 2017 on, we will place serial numbers inside the heads.

We are working on a website that you will be able to ensure authenticity by inputting the serial number (we hope to incorporate this feature very soon).


If an item produced after April 2017 lacks the metal plate with the serial number, you should question its authenticity.

(Items produced prior may not have a plate and if you would like to confirm authenticity, please send us a request).  



Buying, selling and/or cooperating with an illegal recaster is infringement / unauthorized use / breach in intellectual property rights of Pygmalion Dolls and we will do everything in our power to punish those who do so.

Illegal recast dolls are not under any product quality guarantee or warranties, and will not receive any warranty services.

Anyone caught producing recasts or cooperating with recasters will face the full extent of law, banned permanently,

and their partial personal information will be posted on the official website as well as other doll communities as a warning.  



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