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Date 16.12.08 14:06:34

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Dear Friends,


I'm writing this with sincere apology for your waiting time for my dolls.


Overseas sales have not been less than a year, but the short experience in real life taught me what I already knew and that was,

nothing in this world works as I expected and nothing can be guaranteed.


First, I’d like to apologize for my careless forecast of sales about opening sale date and completion of work date.


In fact, it is too complicated to explain what I've been through, and it seems to me it's only an excuse for the third party.

I decided that instead of making same apology, I'd rather finish the work as fast as I can and that is the right thing to do.

(I am sorry for those who I have not been able to answer for a long period of time in the process.

I am sorry to say that I am not good at English, but it takes a considerable amount of time to write a short message. I had a professional help to write this message.)


I decided to finish the work in December, but today, the prototype became impossible to repair during the silicon replication process, and the plan became uncertain.

So it seems that it is harmful to those who are waiting for the unexpected rather than solely to work without guiding the situation.

Eventually, I am in a situation where I have to talk about the situation now.


As you know, the last official order was at the end of June. In Korea, I have been receiving orders occasionally,

but for the overseas site, I needed more time to prepare because of the language barrier.

On top of that, I had my personal issue, I couldn't open up the orders for a long time.


In June, I suffered from sexual harassment by my co-worker, I moved to a workshop where my best friend worked.

I was not able to concentrate on my work for a while due to the problem of rearrangement and work adjustment.

I was suffering from poor health condition in September.

And all the sudden, my best friend that I shared the office with died in an accident in early October.

The impact of leaving my friend was a shock, and I could not work there anymore and I had to move again.

It was around the end of November and I was finally able to organize the workshop.

Today (Dec. 6) when I looked at the silicon frame, I realized that the prototype cast was completely damaged.

Building a prototype usually takes about a couple of weeks to ship after 3D printing, and after that, the working period adds up about a month.

The time, money, and effort have faded away. None of this was planned nor expected.


I cannot predict when sales will resume anymore. All predictions were off and we do not know what will happen in the future.


In the meantime, I am sorry about the waiting, and I feel that the pressure to finish the work quickly made the work to be did not help to be done better.

Maybe I feel this way because of the broken cast today.


I think it is better for you to get better results even though it may take more time than the results that have been made hastily.


I cannot make it any quicker because I'm doing everything alone from A to Z. I'm afraid I'll be late and I'm sorry in advance.

But I will come back with the dolls that meet your expectations.

*TEIA71 Series Renewal Body, New Head, IYH30 Hair Cap, etc. will take time

but the existing TEIA71 Head will be available for purchase at any time soon. I'll update the overseas site soon.


I sincerely appreciate your interest.

Best regards,




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