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From orders dating April 5th 2017 on, TEIA71 Body, TEIA71 Head and IYH30 head will have its own serial number.

If you go to the bottom of the left hand menu, you will find the 'AUTHENTICITY' link.

Please input your serial number (2 Alphabet letters + 5 digits) to check the authenticity and order details tied to the serial number.


Serial numbers can be found on your Authenticity Card, on metal plates on TEIA71 Body's inner abdomen area and inside the head.

We at Pygmalion offer services to inscribe the production date, owner's name and the doll's name.

If you choose to partake, please limit the names to 10 letters of either upper or lower case alphabets (it looks best with less letters).

If you do not specify the names, we will use the name in the order placed and the name of the type of doll.

You may use nick names, initials or any other name you would like.

Please note that you would like the service and what you would like inscribed in the order message.

If you cannot decide at the time of your order, you can put 'Undecided' temporarily and you will have

1 month from the date of your order to specify on the Q&A board.

The format will be (your name) / (doll's name)


+ If you do not wish to get the inscription service, the usual wax plate will be used and Pygmalion logo will be inscribed.

IYH 30

IYH30 only come with Authenticity Cards without other plates.

The body contains a special sticker however, and without this sticker, we cannot establish authenticity.

Please report to Pygmalion if you find an IYH30 body without the sticker and have suspicions regarding its authenticity.

Pygmalion Dolls / Pygmalion will only recognize the item to be authentic ONLY if it has all the above Authenticity indicators.

We will also check for characteristics only known by the creator, Pygmalion.

Copyright (c) 2018 Pygmalion / Pygmalion Dolls
All Rights Reserved
All products by Pygmalion is protected by copyright and distributed under
licenses restricting copying, distribution and decompilation.

Any violators may be subject to punishment under law without warning.



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