Precautions concerning ball-jointed dolls

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** Ball jointed dolls are intended for ADULTS ONLY. These are NOT toys for children.

The resin begins to yellow from the point of production. (Thus we begin production only after an order is made)
Even with anti-yellowing technology, yellowing cannot be prevented 100%.
- In order to prevent yellowing as much as possible, it is good to block out light and oxygen.
- Please store the doll and / or parts in either a plastic bag or in the default box.

Precautions when storing
Though the resin is a high-quality material, devoting careful caution will allow it to maintain its optimum condition for longer.
- Please take care that it is not dented or scratched on sharp areas.
- It may be damaged if dropped from a high place.
- When storing, putting the doll with all of its joints in a straight position will help in maintaining tension.
- Do not put the ball-jointed doll in water. It may cause rusting on the internal metals or have an adverse effect on the tension cords.
- Be careful not to expose it to high temperatures.
- Clothing the doll in dark colored clothes or putting makeup (faceup) without proper base coating for

  extended periods may put it in danger of coloration and / or staining.

  Please spray it with coating beforehand or store unclothed when storing for long periods.

Precautions when handling
- As the tension of the ball-jointed dolls is strong we ask that you take care when handling the joints. It may cause injury to the user or cracks on the doll.
- Please take care when reassembling tension for the aforementioned reason.
- Please take care when being handled by infants.
- Please do not place in mouth or consume.



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