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Placing an order on this site is for the purpose of filling out an order form, and the Paypal site must be used for the payment process. For overseas payments, we are using only Paypal.

1. After selecting your product and filling out the order form, enter your name in the ‘account holder’ column and select your bank,

then click ‘place order’ if no issues arise.

2. Your order is complete. Please verify your total payment amount.

3. Please open up the Paypal site and log in. (If you do not have an account, you must create one.)

4. After logging in, clicking on ‘send payment’ at the top of the screen will open the screen shown below.

The email address you are to make a wire transfer to is as shown below.

Please input your total payment amount into the ‘amount’ column.

For the purpose of purchase, select ‘I’m paying for goods or services’ as shown below.


5. After checking that you’ve entered everything correctly, select your method of payment and click ‘send payment’.

6. Your payment is complete.

Once the payment is verified, your order details will change to ‘payment verified’ within 24 hours, and will go into production within a few days.

The order will be cancelled if payment is not verified within 3 days.

If payment cannot be verified within 2 weeks, to prevent over stocking, items from the customer's order may be sent to a fulfill a different order.

In this case, production of the item will start after the original customer's payment is verified and the shipment date for the order will be re-set to the

payment verification date.



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