Information on Skin Colors and Production Defects

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The following are the skin colors offered by Pygmalion.

There are 4 types: White, Warm Ivory (formally Normal), Sand Beige, Tan.

The colors may vary depending on your display settings and lighting.

In preparation for yellowing, we added a bit more redness to the colors.

The redness will fade naturally over time.


Indoor lighting


IYH30 Body, Natural light in the afternoon


Natural light in the morning

Pygmalion White color may be darker in color compared to other companies.

Real White skin is a true paper white color.

Sand beige and Tan colors can be more finicky and require more care in production.

Color marbling or splotches may occur during production and are prone to bleaching (color lightening) around sanded parts; thus seam removal areas may experience some bleaching. Also, skin color may vary between parts and/or between dolls with different production cycles.

Production Defects:

Areas that underwent sanding due to mold gates and / or seam lines may differ in texture and color

compared to other areas of the doll. Also, there may be less noticeable fine scratches present.  

Facial areas that are usually covered with a wig or areas behind the ear / jaw line may contain air bubbles,

dust particles or color marbling. This is not a defect regardless of skin color.

For TEIA71 Bodies and IYH30 Bodies, we do not consider obvious dust particles or air bubble

damages in areas that aren’t usually exposed (joints, inside heads, inside parts) regardless of color.

Tan or Sand Beige dolls may have air bubbles, dust particles or color marbling in any of the

areas including the décolletage (neck, shoulder, upper chest ? areas exposed when wearing a shirt)

but are not considered a defect due to the nature of the color.

IYH series are smaller scaled TEIA71 and thus may have parts that are thinner than others. However,

they are NOT prone to breaking unless handled incorrectly or intentional pressure is applied.

Please note that Pygmalion Dolls are created with aesthetics as the main focus rather than durability

and are intended for collection by adults.

Examples of defects and non-defects:

This is a non-defect since the air bubble is small and not a delicate part.

This is a non-defect although the dent is noticeable it is on an area not usually exposed within normal range of motion.



The area circled in the 2 pictures above shows an uneven area (looks like a trail of liquid) that are unnoticeable if not directly pointed out.

These areas are not considered defects and can be fixed easily with sanding or a coat of MSC.

After esthetizing (sanding to make surface uniform and smooth) the area will be lighter.

This becomes less obvious when oil or Vaseline is applied. Marks that persist are unavoidable in all resin with color added.


There may be parts that do not interlock perfectly even though we produce a perfect prototype due to the process of shrinking during

casting with silicone molds and resin. We try to minimize this by adding silicone to the interior of joints of IYH30 Bodies.

However, there still might be gaps and protrusion of extra silicone. These are not considered to be defects.

We take utmost care and do everything we can to prevent air bubbles and/or dust particles.

However, perfection is impossible since everything is done manually.

Just like how every human being is perfect because of their imperfections, we would appreciate if you can

consider dust particles or air bubbles as adding to each doll’s uniqueness.

We will try our best to strive towards perfection.



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